The Main Tasks of German Association for Data Protection and Data Security

German Association for Data Protection and Data Security or also known as GDD was established in 1976. It runs as a non profit association for effective and practical data protection. This organization interacts with the government officials, associations and privacy experts as well as the data protection authorities in all over the world. There are two main tasks of the German association for data protection; supporting DPO, businesses and public authorities, as well as promoting the self-regulation.

Supporting DPO, Businesses and Public Authorities

The GDD works to assist data controllers, including data protection officers (DPOs) or corporate privacy officers (CPOs), to solve kinds of problems in legal, organizational and technical fields. So, the controllers can achieve the appropriate balance among the interests of data subjects, who need the protection and information justification equally on the controllers’ part and the individual persons.       

Promoting Self-Regulation

The biggest goal of German association for data protection and data security is to make stronger the self-regulation more effectively. Besides, the organization also works to make the corporate monitoring itself but still in the framework of the German law about data protection, including GDPR. So, it can make the state don’t need to supervise and control the data protection regulation anymore as much as possible. Additionally, this association will also improve the awareness to the advantages given by the self-regulation as well as the privacy management of the corporate for the countries that belong to EU and also those that don’t belong to EU.

Learn more about the GDD organization by visiting their official website. There are much more information provided on their website. Otherwise, you can contact the customer service to get further information clearly. So you can know well how important the organization is, and also how many advantages that can be gotten from their assistance.

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